British Judge Blasts Torture

One of the United Kingdom’s top judges issued a strong rebuke to the British Security Service for colluding in the torture of an English citizen, Binyam Mohamed. Lord Neuberger, dismissed government objections that British security was ignorant of American torture of prisoners. he noted, “some Security Services officials appear to have a dubious record relating to actual involvement, and frankness about any such involvement, with the mistreatment of Mr. Mohamedwhen was held at the behest of US officials.” The only lame excuse the government could issue was Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s comment that “I am fully disappointed that the court has decided to criticise the Security Service in this way.” Mr. Mohamed has claimed he was tortured in Pakistan in 2002 with the full knowledge of the US and the awareness of M15 that a British citizen was being mistreated.

Of course, Foreign Secretary David Miliband did his best to prevent release of a seven paragraph summary oif what M15 knew about the mistreatment. I am certain Mr. Mililband will argue the ever used excuse of “national security. The bottom line is whether any statement by the British government concerning collusion with American agents on torture issues can ever be relied on to be accurate.