British Muslim Fights For Equal Rights In Muslim Religion

Dr.Taj Hargey won a libel suit against the Muslim Weekly, a popular English language Muslim periodical which sticks to a very conservative point of view. Hargey won his case that the paper erroneously claimed he was a member of a heretical sect. “Progressives like me are described as heretics in order to ruin our credibility. It is a form of Muslim McCarthyism that is used to root out anyone who dares to question these unenlightened, tribal and foreign forms of Islam.” He has been fighting for equal rights for women in the Muslim religion including their right to pray with males. “We need to create an indigenous British Islam that is integrated into its own environment. It should stay true to Koranic teaching but is also erudite, egalitarian and enlightened.”

He points out the niqab is never mentioned in the Koran as an example of how women are being brainwashed. Hopefully, he can succeed in his goal of building a mosque in London which allows men and women to pray together.