British Police In Turmoil Over Discrimination Charges

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is running about 20 points behind his Conservative opponents and now he must face a police force that is being divided over charges of racial discrimination. Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, is preparing to sue his superior, the Met Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, on charges that he has discriminated against him because he is a Muslim. Ghaffur recently engaged in a dispute the with Blair and the Brown administration because he opposed extending to 42 days the time limit of holding people without charges who are suspected of being terrorists. Sources claim Ghaffur increasingly feels sidelined and undermined by Blair and believes it is due to racial discrimination. He is presently consulting with representatives of the National Black Police Association in order to obtain their support for a case of discrimination.

Ghaffur was the creator and director of the innovative Specialist Crime Directorate until 2006 when he was removed and placed in another position. He has mentored many Muslim police officers and is highly regarded and respected in the Muslim community so a case of discrimination involving him will have a serious impact on fostering good community relations with Muslims.

His supposed law suit comes at a time when Commander Shabar Hussain has brought charges of discrimination because he is a Muslim. Sir Ian Blair is being placed in an awkward situation having top aides charge him with being prejudiced.