British Politician Challenges Drug Law Changes

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett has criticised a government plan to take a tougher line on cannais and claims the revrsal of his decision to downgrade the drug to a class C status would send mixed legal signals. “Rather than affecting practice on the ground, classifying cannabis back to class B would simply cause confusion.” Plunkett believes classifying cannabis as class C “is a much more honest approach, both politically and in terms of how the drug is policed” and to do so will only increase problems in controlling its use. The current Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, is pushing for upgrading the drug to class B and, apparently taking a more aggressive policing stance on curbing its use.

Ms. Smith admits having used cannabis in her youth but insists there is evidence of a connection between mental illness and cannabis. Apparently, using cannabis did not impact the mental health of the Home Secretary, but she believes it will hurt other users. The history of wars on drugs is they invariably result in growing wealth and power to drug lords, regardless of how many police are sent into combat against them. What exactly does Ms. Smith believe is going to happen if cannabis is treated as a more serious drug? Is the solution more police action? Or, is it preventive actions?