British Prime Minister Tells Truth About Lockerbie Bomber

David Cameron has offered a refreshing opening into the world of mystery regarding what happened in the infamous case of releasing Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi. He told the people of the United Kingdom it was a wrong decision and now he has openly told the American people that it was a mistake. He bluntly stated the decision to release this thug was “profoundly misguided” and the Libyan should “have died in jail” rather than being released to enjoy a life of luxury in his home nation. After initially telling US senators he could not meet with them, the prime minister said he would meet and “I will say to them that I agree that the decision to release al-Megrahi was wrong. I said it was wrong at the time.” He denied that BP played a role in the decision, and said the government of England was responsible.

We Americans THOUGHT we had elected a president who wanted to speak honestly, but, as of now, only David Cameron is telling the truth. Believe it or not President Obama, but the sky has not fallen because a leader says his nation made a mistake. At least those whose relatives died in the Lockerbie crash know who was responsible for allowing the culprit to go free.

Oh, al-Megrahi was released on “compassionate grounds” since he only had three months left to live. That was ELEVEN MONTHS AGO!!