British Schools Will Teach About Human Sexuality

The British Ministry of Education has announced all schools will now be required to teach sex education as part of the curriculum. From the age of five students will learn about puberty, sexual development, and explore social relationships. All schools will be involved in the curriculum although faith based institutions will be allowed to teach information concerning homosexuality, and contraception in a manner that is consistent with their religious faith. Supporters of the PSHE program believe it is essential to teach these subjects as part of the effort to reduce teenage pregnancies, alcoholism, and use of drugs.

Few will doubt the importance of providing information to children about these issues, but some critics raise legitimate issues such as how can still additional curriculum be injected into an already over-crowded curriculum. John Dunford of the Association of School and College Leaders is worried that once curriculum is made mandatory, it is simply a matter of time before authorities tell educators how to teach the subject, how to evaluate learning and how much time should be allocated to teaching.

Being against educating children for life is like being against motherhood. However, legitimate concerns about imposing mandatory curriculum can not be ignored. John Dunford is absolutely correct, it is must a matter of time before someone in London tells teachers all over Great Britain not just what they should teach, but how their teaching will be evaluated.