British Security Abuse Asylum Seeker

During the past two hundred years, Great Britain has been host to thousands of asylum seekers from Karl Marx to those fleeing Nazi Germany. For some reason, under the current Socialist governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, there has been an increase in examples of those seeking refuge in the UK of being physically abused. Stephanie Toumi has her request for asylum turned down in April and was fast tracked to be sent back to Cameroon from which she had fled after being tortured and abused by a tribal chief. On her plane flight back to Cameroon, two British security guards kicked her and held her head down for over an hour. When the place touched down in Belgium, local officials refused to allow her to be placed on a plane for Cameroon since Ms. Toumi was unable to walk without aid of a wheelchair.

This is not the first case in which asylum seekers in Britain have been assaulted by security personnel. Isn’t it time to restore the greatness of Great Britain as the home for all who are oppressed?