British Teachers Urged To Monitor Student Behavior

Teachers in the United Kingdom are being asked to observe student behavior and inform authorities if they come into contact with students who may be exhibiting ideas that could be interpreted as containing possibilities they may be leaning toward violence. Teachers are also being provided a “toolkit” on how to conduct debates on issues around the world that pertain to terrorism. They are also being encouraged to bring imams in to classes in order to foster discussion about connections between terrorism and the Muslim religion. The most controversial aspect of the plan is to extend the concept of “in loco parentis” to teachers and allow them to monitor student behavior and attitudes.

Teachers are being empowered to hold open ended debates on controversial issues rather than remaining quiet on issues that daily are on the Internet or in the media. Some teacher groups are concerned at the implication for relationships between teachers and students if pupils learn what they say may be reported to authorities. Similar suggestions were made to universities and this resulted in extreme concern among professors who did not wish to be placed in the role of reporting on student behavior or words.

  • William

    This could lead to some results, but there is possibility to lead also to contra results. It all depends from teacher and if knows how to approach to students. Anyhow these news will surely awake some seriousness in students.