British Tourists Arrested In Brazil Because Not Law Grads

Two British tourists have been arrested in Brazil for making false charges of being robbed in a city where robbery is highly unusual. This case suggests either (a) UK law schools graduate incompetent lawyers or (b) Brazilian police don’t make sense. According to the police, Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner who both recently graduated from law school decided to pull a scam by claiming they were robbed in order to collect insurance. The two bright ladies walked into a Brazilian police station to file a report and, according to the police, left the items they claimed were stolen lying around in their hotel room. Could be, but if so it suggests the two young ladies need a refresher course on how to scam police.

The two young ladies are being held in a notorious Brazilian jail where vicious criminals are lodged, no doubt, due to the gravity of claiming they lost some panties or dresses or what. Police say they can not place the two ladies in a less violent jail because no one has provided proof these women actually graduated from a law school. I am not that bright, I only have a Ph.D, but what does the fact one did or did not graduate from a law school have to do with the ladies being locked up in with murderers and thieves?

  • plinio

    for less i could be hanged in england

  • helio

    for less i could he shot in the back in england

  • emerson

    for less i could be stabbed in england

  • aristides

    for less i could be executed in england

  • Jean Charles

    for less i was murdered in england

  • victor

    “I am not that bright, I only have a Ph.D” that shows that you even with PHD do not have any clue that different country different law system… In Brazil the law is that you only have the privilege to stay in a special jail if you have proof to be graduated in something… Otherwise you stay in the jail with common criminals… sorry ladies… you are paying to be stupid…

  • Fred Stopsky


  • Richard M.

    Sorry man… so dont do bullshit in Brasil, really simple! There’s no excuses… You do… you pay…

  • Richard M.

    BTW, phd… are you sure?!

  • Fred Stopsky

    Brazil stands on the threshold of being a player on the international scene. With attitudes such as you express, stay in South America if you don’t wish to express human emotions of empathy and concern for those who lack education.

  • João

    Could you remind us to which historical age does “killing-a-worker-in-a-subway-station-as-if-he-were-a-terrorrist” date?

  • The Truth

    What truly happened is that the 2 girls thought it would be easy to go to Brazil, file a report saying their insured goods were stolen (allegedly 4 days earlier – by the way, who waits that long to go to the police?) just 1 day before leaving Brazil and, since the police would not have time to find out the truth, they would collect the insurance money easily in England. This kind of fraud is pretty common, so the police finally learned how to “fight” back. In a simple investigation, the goods were FOUND by the police in their own hotel room and the bus route they claimed the alleged theft happened does not exist. Why would the Brazilian police risk its reputation arresting 2 innocent girls in a case that would certainly attract a lot of attention? These 2 girls committed a crime because they thought it was a great opportunity to make easy money. That’s it. How about this newspaper treat this case with some impartiality? If it were 2 fresh law graduates from Brazil experiencing the same situation in England, this report would have been written in a completely different way. Those 2 girls were treated nicely (don’t forget it’s a high profile case for the Brazilian authorities) and now will face the law for the crime they did commit.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I am so glad you are police officer, jury and judge all wrapped up into one. In the UK, one is presumed to be innocent until PROVEN GUILTY.

  • Daniel

    It was really good to see those British girls doing wrong. Don’t worry too much about their conditions. For them it is going to be such an unforgettable experience. There are lots of ways to learn things in life and people decide what is the best way for them to do so.
    In BraSil, this (“one is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty”), the thing is, it was very clear what they did, wasn’t it?

    Preciso expressar algo em bom português: o fato de terem mencionado o caso do Jean Charles foi muito interessante. Ninguém nunca fez nada de efetivo sobre isso. Nem nunca vai fazer… o desrespeito que vem da ilha é grande. E, eles são somente uma ilha!!!! Deve ser esta a explicação da limitação.

  • The Truth

    To this “Fred Stopsky”, who brilliantly said that “In the UK, one is presumed to be innocent until PROVEN GUILTY.”

    Reaaaaaaaaaaaaalllyyyy? Thank you for enlightening all the world about this basic principle of law. Now, be a good boy and do some research about this particular case. Then, look for information about the murder of Brazilian national Jean Charles by the British police – a case in which nobody has been punished – before trying to lecture law enforcement of other countries taking the UK as an example.

  • Doug

    Well done!!! They like to put the developing countries, where Brazil is included, as a place of disorder, of no LAW! A proof of it, was the confession on the two girls, when they were told by other tourists they met in south america, to do this insurance trick!
    Someone should serve as an example, of “Dont do it, here we also HAVE LAW”. No the whole media in Brazil is covering this subject, and probably new tourists aware of this, wont try anymore to do the same shit again!

  • Doug

    Now concerning the law which gives graduated people privilegies in a prison, this should really be revised by the politicians in Brazil, because this is REALLY BULLSHIT!

  • The Truth

    Update: As expected, they were found guilty; The defense says they will appeal

    Link about it with the court’s decision (in Portuguese):