British Tourists Warned To Avoid Drink In Muslim Areas

The British government has warned tourists to be careful of their behavior while vacationing in Muslim nations and to be particularly concerned about excessive drinking or public displays of affection. Women are being advised to dress in a modest manner and not to display warm affection for a male while walking the streets of Muslim nations. Due to the economic crisis a large number of British tourists are avoiding European Union areas and seeking out vacation spots where the pound has a bigger bang. The number of visitors to Egypt this year has increased by 38% and to Turkey by 32%. The Foreign Office last year dealt with the cases of 75,000 British tourists abroad who encountered problems with local authorities. In a recent case of two British tourists in Dubai they were arrested for having sex on the beach or at least what local officials termed “sex.”

Of course, if the British are seeking vacation spots where affection, kissing, and sex are welcomed, there are always nice places in the world such as San Francisco which welcome those who want a free sex life. Hop on a plane for the good old USA, the land of economic plight where your pound will produce a lot of bucks.