British Troops In Libya?

An al-Jazeera reporter claims he saw British soldiers working with Libyan rebel forces near the town of Misrata. Five were armed and one appeared to be an intelligence officer, once they saw reporters, the men quickly left the scene. Veteran reporter,Tony Britley, commented: “here a group of armed foreigners, possibly British, are seen liaising with rebel fighters. It could be to facilitate helicopter attacks.” This is not the first report of SAS troops from England who are involved in training rebel soldiers or functioning as spotters for air attacks. Naturally, the British government denies that any of its troops are anywhere in Libya or anywhere near any scene of action. Of course, the men who were spotted wearing khaki clothes could have been tourists seeking to take pictures of the fighting.

Let’s face reality. Western planes ARE involved in this war. Western BOMBs are falling on Muammar Gaddafi’s troops. Western supplies ARE going to rebel forces. Why deny what everyone on the scene of action knows??