British Troops Killed By Afghan Policeman

It was just another day in Helmand province in the southern part of Afghanistan. British soldiers were engaged in training Afghans in police and military skills when suddenly, an Afghan policeman appeared on top of a roof and opened fire upon the unsuspecting British who were in the compound. By the time the episode was over, five British soldiers lay sprawled on the ground dead, others were wounded and the man who instigated the attack fled to safety. Abdullah Abdullah who originally tried running for president of Afghanistan made an interesting comment concerning the incident. He noted, “eight years of golden opportunities we have missed. You were here. Your soldiers were here, and they have made sacrifices for bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan.”

Eight years of botched opportunities by the Bush administration and Congressional Republicans pretend Afghan problems are the result of Obama. One can not reclaim the past, but one must remember what could have been and never was.