British Voters Green With Anger Over Green Ideas

The typical voter in Great Britain apparently does not believe there is any such thing as a possble planetary catatrophe on the horizon regarding the impact of global warming. They are more pronse to buy into theories of being oppressed by the government with taxes than feel threatened by decline in size of glaciers or threats to their everyday lives from pollution. A recent poll conducted by Opinium reveals seven out of ten voters will not pay higher taxes to fund projects dealilng with reducing climate change. Most believe so called “green taxes’ are merely a device by government to raise money for normal expenses and have nothing to do with global warming. Great Britain is committed to reduce carbon emissions by 60% in the coming decades, but such a goal is not of particular interest to the average voter.

Three out of ten do not even believe green efforts will have an discernble impact on the planet. They are cynical, doubtful, and distrustful of government when it comes to issues of pollution and global warming. Mike Childs of Friends of Earth suggests: “The government could put a windfall tax on the big oil companies and use the money to insulate homes or introduce a feed-in-tariff to pay people to produce renewable energy.”

We inhabit a planet in which highly advanced economic societies apparently do not wish to assume responsibility for the survival of the world. A rather sad commentary on human life.