British Women Losing Battle For Top Jobs

the Equity and Human Rights Commission’s annual study which examines the number of women given top positions in business, politics, and the public sector, found women’s representation has fallen in almost half the industries surveyed. They discovered there has been the biggest backward step for workplace gender equity in the past five years. The Commission found the proportion of women holding key position in British life has fallen in 12 out of the 25 categories surveyed in 2006. In politics, women now hold fewer positions of power in Parliament or the Cabinet than in the past. Female MPs make up 19.3% of the Commons which places Great Britain in 70th place in the world’s equality league.

Perhaps, the world of the 21st century has yet to seriously address female inequity in Great Britain although there are signs in other European Union nations that women are increasingly assuming the role of heads of government. One can only wonder what has happened to a nation that once had a Margaret Thatcher as its leader. Is it society, lack of enthusiasm, institutional factors and a lack of drive on those concerned about equity?