Broken Treaties Broken

One thing that must be said about Vladimir Putin is that when it comes to breaking treaties he deserves the Nobel Prize for the most treaties broken in a single calendar year. Just about every day, he breaks another one, and this is all done with no shirt on his back and a rifle in his hands in order to kill some tiger who is heading in his direction. Ukraine President Arsenij Yatsenyuk is in Washington D.C. to confer with the president of the United States about what to do or what not to do regarding the situation in the Crimea. In theory, the Crimea is part of the Ukraine although a large number of people are of Russian heritage, not Ukrainian. As a good Russian, let me make clear being confused with one of those Ukrainians is a crime where I come from. Anyway, the president and the president made a list of broken treaties:

1. The United Nations Charter.

2. Russia’s commitment under the Helsinki Final Act

3. Russia’s 1997 Treaty of Friendship with the Ukraine

4. The Russian-Nazi Non-Aggresion Pact of 1939

5. The Lend Lease agreement with the US in 1941.

If you have nothing better to do, just list any and all treaties.