Brothels In Our Lives

A Swedish politician who is a member of the Christian Democrats came out in favor of government run brothels. Sofie Jacobsson was immediately denounced for this proposal, but this blog believes her idea deserves consideration. For example, if we had government run brothels, examine the consequence:

The Sarah Palin Hunter Brothel would offer hunters an opportunity to have sex with the deer or bears they failed to shoot. Of course, as Madam-in-Chief she could openly charge for selling her body and mouth to anyone willing to put up a $100,000.

Rudy Giuliani could be the Boss of New York’s finest Brothel run by the man who single handedly saved the city on 9/11. As one entered the brothel there would be a turnstile and a collection box. Once in the Brothel one could enjoy sex with your favorite lobbyist.

The Glenn Beck Brothel would have a weeping willow tree under which one must enter. Once inside the individual would have to follow lines leading to rooms in which there are Fox News executives. You pay them and they will say whatever is on your mind.

Terry Jones Brothel is featured by a Red Sign flashing contradictory ideas by the hour. Once inside, get on your knees in a church, and you will be serviced by Muslim virgin girls. Please leave them a grenade as your payment.

Don Rumsfeld Standing Brothel. Once inside, the man must stand while performing any sex act as must the woman. Of course, the entire sexual experience will be conducted while the man is hooded.