Brother Barack, How About Succeeding?

The times they are a’ changing in the United States of America, and members of the Democratic Party would like the guy they helped become president of the United States to cease acting like Cool Hand Luke, and become passionately involved in running this nation. Fourteen US Democratic Senators met with the Obama and demanded-competency. Perhaps, it is time to cease hacking into phones, and hack into the drama of becoming an effective president. Senator Mark Udall made clear to the president: “the rollout of has not been smooth–to say the least.” Senator Mark Begich of Alaska, who faces a tough fight, added: “it’s absolutely unacceptable in this day and age that the administration can’t deliver on the promises made to all Americans because of technical problems with a website.”

Asked to name the second-term achievements of President Barack Obama, his Press Secretary, Jay Carney, asked for some more time to gather that data. He has been lost in the White House rather than lost in work to ensure competency in his administration.