Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

Charles Taylor once ran the country of  Liberia as his own private domain. His soldiers brutalized, raped, murdered and ran rampant over the lives and possessions of inhabitants of that unfortunate land. Now, he stands convicted of war crimes and lacks much money. Mr. Taylor is now petitioning to be awarded a pension of at least $200,000 in  order to feed his wife and 12 kids. “At this moment, Mr. Taylor is struggling with 12 little children in the home of the former Liberian president and life there is precarious and absolutely condescending and unsuitable for the family of a former constitutional head of our country” argues his lawyer.

He does have a point. Imagine if Hitler still was alive. After all, the former constitutional head of Germany was certainly entitled to some sort of pension. And, he would have deserved extra pay for having to endure the smell and sight of death camps. To top it off, the criminal RAF and US air forces demolished all of his homes!

Now, as to Vladimir Putin and his bully buddies…