Brutal Legacy Of Robert Mugabe Never Ends!

Robert Mugabe was a fighter in the struggle to end colonialism in Zimbabwe and for those years he will be remembered as an individual who stood up for the rights of his fellow Zimbabweans. But, his legacy since assuming the presidency of the nation can never be fogotten, it is a horror story of disdain for human rights, oppression of those who dare challenge his authority and brutalization of many innocent men, women and children. Last year after losing a race for the presidency he simply voided the election and held a new one during which his ZANU-PF party unleashed thousands of men to attack the oppositioin and brutalize their women.

A report issued by AIDS Free World documents how hundreds of women who were classified as opposing Mugabe were captured, brought to secret camps and then subjected to non-stop rape and beatings. Many mothers even had to watch their own daughters be raped by Mugabe followers who believed by this form of brutality, the opposition would collapse.

The sad part of this story is failure on the part of South African leaders to step in and defend the people of Zimbabwe as well as failure on the part of other African leaders to stand up for freedom. They are ready to condemn colonialism, but remain silent about Africans being brutal to other Africans.