Brutality Remains In Egypt

The massacre of over 80 people the past weekend in Egypt simply makes even clearer that establishing the basis of a democratic society is a long process. Two years ago as thousands flocked to Tahrir Square in Cairo demanding the end of the Mubark era of dictatorial rule, there were great expectations of freedom being born. Unfortunately, it was a still birth and no baby democracy emerged from the womb of protest. Unfortunately for Egypt, it did not get a Nelson Mandela, instead arrived an incompetent small minded man named Mohamed Morsi who lacked any grasp as to the process of creating a democratic society. He was a religious fundamentalist leading a nation which contained a high percent of people who lacked his religious fervor and were more interested in jobs and a normal life.

The Egyptian government announced the revival of Mabadhith Amn ad Dawla, the secret police who now will be able to return to torture and brutality–of the bad guys! The players in the drama of government have changed, but the play’s theme of violence and death remains in place. We need a new writer of the script.