Bubba Wants To Save Me!

It is with great pride that I can report we Jews in America finally have a champion who will stand up and fight for our rights to be Christians. OK, so some of those Jewish folk actually believe there is such a thing as the “Jewish Religion.” Wow, what a bunch of ignorant people. George Bush, who found God after spending years getting dead drunk, has now discovered another version of God. He will be addressing the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute(MJBI) in an effort to persuade those the Jewish faith who still do not grasp that the Jew boy known as Jesus Christ really came for those who term themselves as Jews. The MJBI) seeks to support efforts of Christians who adhere to Jewish rituals(not the Jewish religion) and Jews who finally got around to accepting Jesus as the son of God.

Me, I came across Jesus Christ at the age of 11 and fell in love with this wonderful Jewish man. I never could understand why people made a religion out of the words of this kind, wise and gentle human. Now if George would like to give speeches, how about one in which he admits to lying about those famous, and, every elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction?