Buddhism Not Buddhism

Many in western lands are raised with images of Buddhism as a religion of peace and gentleness. We doubt if many of the Muslim faith would agree tha Buddhists are any different than those of other religions. Once again, Buddist mobs marched into Muslim areas in Myanmar in order to destroy, loot and kill innocent people. I am certain these actions are demanded by some god or messenger of god. Even as President Thein Sein visited villages in an effort to restore peace and harmony to the land, thugs were invading Muslim homes in there orgy of hate and violence.

Last week a Bukddhist taxi driver told police that a Muslim businessman had abused him and therefore it was time for retaliation. Police attempted to calm things by questioning the businessman, but when he was released all hell broke loose. A 94 year old Muslim woman undoubtedly threatened the community so she was stabbed to death.

Ah, for the serenity of Buddhism