Buddhists Are Just Like Us

Among the myths propagated by Hollywood types is that  one has to go to Asia and chat with a Buddhist monk in order to find someone who lives a life of peace and tranquility. There are those in America who gave toward Asia in order to find societies free of capitalist greed and money making. Of course, for Muslims who attempt to live in peace and tranquility with their Buddhist neighbors they encounter a different version of reality. For the past two weeks, mobs of tranquil Buddhists have rampaged through Muslim areas of Myanmar seeking to beat up, kill and burn the infidels of Islam.

There is  no “innocent society.” We are all humans, we all posses those within our society who have hate and anger and discover some stranger who is evil and must be eradicated from the planet. The monk who blesses peace may easily become the monk who leads a mob against Muslims. Just ask Muslims in Burma or Myanmar or whatever you wish to call this land of violence.