Buddhists Are Not Always Buddhist

Many people in the United States and western societies have an image of those adhering to the Buddhist religion of being peaceful and against violence. In Burman, Buddhist priests have fostered anti-Muslim riots and ignored the murder of innocent Muslims. The European Union has just issued a strong demand to President Mahinda Rajapakas to cease encouraging attacks by Buddhist priests upon the small minority of Muslims in Sri Lanka cities as well as attacks on Catholic churches. Thirty attacks on Muslim groups have been reported at this point in 2013. Mobs openly attacked mosques in Colombo, which, in essence denied Christians the right of worship.

The EU is also concerned at government attacks on peaceful demonstraters who were protesting against polluted water in their villages. It is quite clear that President Rajapaksa is using his triumph against the rebel LTTE to impose his brand of dictatorsip in Sri Lanka!