Budding New Iraq Blooming on Turkish Border?

Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey has urged the United States to exert pressure on the Iraqi government to do something about the thousands of rebels who belong to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) hiding in northern Iraq mountains. Thousands of Turkish troops are now on the border of Iraq itching to enter and wipe out the rebels. There are almost daily artillery barrages from Turkey into Iraq that go unreported in most American media.

The United States fears angering the Iraqi government, which depends on Kurdish votes to remain in office, by urging action to curtail military activities of the PKK. America is caught in the middle of a civil war in Iraq and may soon get caught in the middle of an Iraq-Turkish conflict. Is there anyone in charge at the Bush administration of developing a comprehensive policy dealing with this region of the world? We continue to make up Middle Eastern policy as we go along rather than thinking in regional terms and developing regional solutions.