Buffet Rule Buffed By Senate

The United States Senate decided to strike a blow for free enterprise and to ensure our wonderful “Job Creators” are not punished for being wealthy. It rejected the proposed “Buffet Rule”which would ensure that millionaires pay at least a 30% tax rate–just like many in the middle class pay. Mitt Romney paid at a tax rate of 14% which is lower than most middle class folk. But, Mitt is a job creator. He created jobs for those working in his campaign and media staff are rolling in dollars as they conceive new ways to attack Obama.

The USA has the lowest tax rates in over sixty years,Even during the regime of noted Communist leader Ronald Reagan there were higher tax rates. I trust all loyal decent Americans will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Wall Street operators will not be compelled to pay more than 14%. I feel so good knowing that here in Missouri the Republican State Legislator is cutting funds for children and day care because it would violate the Constitution to raise taxes one percent on the wealthy.

Look at it this way, if poor kids lack food they will not become obese.