Buggery Is Buggery Say Malawi Ministers!

Hundreds of years ago, missionaries from western nations forced their way into Africa in order to spread the word of Jesus Christ about love and peace in the world. Somewhere along the path of love, Protestant churches in east Africa got sidetracked into believing Christianity meant hating those who differ. The Council of Churches in Malawi expressed their anger toward western nations which threaten to withhold aid to their impoverished nation because of its anti-gay laws. A recent case involving two gay men might result in prison sentences of up to 14 years for the men. Bishop Joseph ”Burumbwe said ministers unanimously agreed that homosexuality was a sin that should be punished.

Chief Justice Lovemore Manlo supported church leaders and emphasized the law was clear about the offence of buggery and indecent sexual practices. One would expect that an individual with the name of “Lovemore” might have some love in his heart for those who differ with him.