Build A Place To Hide From Bombs

There is a movement in Finland which would compel owners of apartment buildings to construct civilian defense shelters. It is about time we got around to building defense shelters. I watch Fox News and they say terrorists are all around and one day they will receive instructions to bomb us and destroy the United States of America. Terrorists are clever, they even have made small bombs that fit into bras and when they go off it is best for men to watch out for their genitals. I wonder when apartment buildings are going to have not only smoke detectors but require all inhabitants to walk through a screening device to make certain they have not brought home the bomb.

An assumption of this effort to build bomb shelters in apartment buildings is terrorists will only focus on large buildings. Why has no thought been given to individual homes? What happens if terrorists begin to blow up your home? It is time for screening devices at each and every home in America. Protect America, and protect it by first starting to protect individual citizens from their loved ones. Just remember, a terrorist could be the woman holding you in her arms.