Build Bigger Planes

Planes continue to get larger and larger along with service on planes getting shorter and shorter. One reads about technology being constantly introduced to make life on the two hour flight manageable for those who can not be separated from their iPad for more than a minute. Kevin Chenais has a problem, he is somewhat obese, not much, just somewhat. He flew on British Airways last year to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for assistance in reducing the weight on his 500 pound body. He stayed in America for a year and a half, and now is attempting to fly back to his beloved France, but no airplane is available to handle his weight. So, the unfortunate Frenchman is compelled to take a train to New York, and then board the Queen Mary II in order to head back to Le Havre.

We have legislation that addresses rights of gays and lesbians. We have legislation that considers the needs of transgender folk, but how come no one deals with needs of the obese? Or, shall we say the needs of super obese folk.