Building Blocks Of Hate

The government of Israel is being forced to construct more settlement homes in the West Bank due to actions by Palestinians. Let me make clear to one and all the Israel government would never unilaterally construct new housing on the West Bank, but they were forced into such action because the Palestinian government led by President Abbas decided to form a unified government which included Hamas. Prime Minister Netanyahu made clear that he would never decide to engage in building if not for the new alliance. I am a bit confused, during the past ten years when Palestinians were NOT united, settlement houses went up and up and up. In other words, we Israelis build settlement homes if you are not united, and even more if you are. This clarifies the situation.

Reasons to welcome the new unity:

1. Once a part of the Palestinian government, Hamas becomes part of a government which recognizes the state of Israel.
2. If an agreement is reached between President Abbas and the Israel government, Hamas becomes part of that agreement.
3. Hamas leaders understand that if they engage in terrorism their agreement is null and void.