Building Rockets In Gaza-Nonstop!

Ulrike Putz, correspondent for the German publication, Der Spiegel, made contact with Palestinian militants who spend each evening making Kassam rockets. He talked with several young men connected with the Islamic Jihad who are dedicated to risking their lives making the bombs. “It’s a long journey,” says the German newspaperman, “through the pitch-deark night as the taxi heads towards he secret rocket factory in the Gaza Strip. Since Abdul(not real name) and his two friends got in, it has become a life-threatening trip. The young men prodfuce rockets for the Islamic Jihad. Day after day, their rudimentary bombs land on Israel villages, fields and kibbutzum.” Israel ordinarily retaliates by attempting to kill leaders of the group by targeting cars. The men claim they get supplies from the Sudan or eastern Europe which go through secret tunnels from the Egyptian border and they are receiving money, but they would not reveal the sources of those funds.

The team claimed they could make up to a 100 rockets each night. They send rockets to unknown destinations and blame Israel for the misery of the people of Gaza. At no point in this story is their any recognition on the part of these young men how they are creating misery for the people of Gaza. Their minds simply block at their connection to chaos in Gaza since they refuse to blame any other party but Israel.

Their continued existence will most probably at some time result in an Israel invasion to ensure the end of rocket attacks.