Bully Pulpit Never Graced By Obama

My ongoing complaint about President Barack Obama is his failure to grasp the importance of the Bully Pulpit of power that every president can use. Theodore Roosevelt was the first president who spoke constantly with the American people in order to make clear his goals and who he regarded as the enemy. Although born to wealth, he took on industrial leaders and demanded they pay an income tax and provide good wages and working conditions to workers. He created the national parks to protect our environment. But, just about every day he interacted with journalists in order to get out the message.

His cousin,Franklin D. Roosevelt held press conferences at least twice a week and was blunt in his criticism of the wealthy. He challenged those with economic power to take him on and got a 90% tax rate on the wealthy during WWII. Each month he had a “Fireside Chat” with the American people in which he discussed foreign policy. Barack Obama has never used the Bully Pulpit to ensure that Americans know what he is doing. For example, he never sent each and every American a clear explanation of the Affordable Care Act. Millions continue lacking any knowledge how the law impacts their lives. A president is the Chief Educator of the nation.

To lead a people requires that people understand what are the issues. This lack of leadership is the greatest failure on the part of Barack Obama.