Bump-Grind Teachers Wow Students-Suspended!

It was school spirit week and teachers were asked to participate by displaying their spirit before students in a gymnasium. Some teachers decided to have a contest for which pair could perform the most interesting lap dance. A female teacher sat in a chair while her colleague did a bump and grind which flaying body coming close to her body. Students roared in appreciation and one even recorded the entire event for the world to see. Everyone in school was having fun and joy was in the air. Unfortunately, the two teachers are now suspended for displaying behavior that one school trustee termed not appropriate for young minds.

How often during the day or week or month do teachers put on a performance before students that elicits howls of delight? What exactly is wrong with fun and laughter in a school? A school trustee says such behavior is not what teacher should display to students. As a teacher for 50 years, my hate goes off to the two teachers for having the courage to bring laughter into the school!