Bumps And Grinds In Politics

The United States of America just concluded two conventions in which two parties spoke about why their candidate should be elected. In fact, we even learned that a chair possesses great or  not wisdom. We witnessed a candidate make a speech in which he never mentioned the nasty detail that we are fighting a war. We heard Paul Ryan boasting he ran three minute marathon races and blaming the president for high gas prices. We heard Obama promise to promise more promises.

Latest polls show a bump for Obama and he now leads by 47% to 43% with about ten percent not knowing who will receive their vote or whether they actually will vote. Reality check– national polls mean nothing in this election. The only polls worth anything are those dealing with Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, and Virginia. Win those states and win the election.

Of course, there is always the possibility the chair will emerge as the next president of the USA.