Bundy And Constitution

The controversy surrounding idiot racist Cliven Bundy was obscured due to his weird remarks about “Negroes.” There is no question this man would feel more comfortable living in pre-Civil War Georgia than riding western plains pretending to be some sort of folk hero fighting for individual rights. Mr. Bundy is a welfare bum who seeks to get government handouts in order not to work for a living. Instead of paying the “enormous sum” of $1.25 a month for very inexpensive grazing land, he will not pay a nickel on grounds it is HIS right to use GOVERNMENT land in order to make money. I assume, that if he can receive free government money, why not any businessman who wants to drill for oil? I assume the NRA will rush to the businessman’s aid with guns in order to protect-then again, protect WHICH Constitutional right?

Rep. Steven Horsford from the Las Vegas area, is demanding an investigation of the presence of armed militia who apparently believe they possess some sort of Constitutional Right to wander around with weapons on GOVERNMENT PROPERTY. Horsford wrote authorities: “We must protect individual Constitutional rights, but residents, and visitors to Clark County should not be expected to live under the persistent watch of an armed militia.” Americans are furious when illegal armed militia seizes government buildings in east Ukraine, but those same Americans laugh when armed militia seize control of government land in the United States of America!