Burka War Divides Danish Politics!

The burka wars continue to rage in Europe as “defenders of society” rise to declare their opposition to the horror of some women walking around clad from head to foot. Of course, walking through any modern city one encounters young people with hoods that virtually cover their faces or wearing tattoos all over their bodies. Naser Khader the integration spokesperson for the Conservative party in Denmark proclaimed in anger, “we do not want to see burkas in Denmark.” Khader is an immigrant from Syria who is involved with the Modern Muslim group. He insisted the “modern burka was instituted by the Taleban when it came to power. I see it as a symbol of the Taleban.”

Khader and his followers regard the burka as “un-Danish.” I wonder if wearing Michael Jordan tee shirts or American jeans are “real Danish.” Actually, although the Taleban is insignificant in Saudi Arabia many women wear versions of the burka. I suspect only a small percent of Danish Muslim women actually wear the full burka so can’t we all relax, enjoy life and allow them to wear what the heck they desire!! Personally, I am more offended by tattoos.