Burma Abuses Christians

The world focuses intently on events in the Middle East while massive abuses of individuals proceeds in Asia and Africa without eliciting any pangs of guilt or anger. Human Rights Watch claims the Burmese government is abusing, torturing and killing members of the Christian Chin ethnic group and thousands are attempting to flee across the border to India. A Chin man told the group: “They(Burmese soldiers) tortured me and put me in jail for a week. They beat me on my heads and ears, I still have a hearing problem. Then the army forced me to work at road construction and repair.” Reports indicate thousands are being forced to work on army projects as well as turn over food to soldiers without receiving compensation.

The Chin are about one percent of the 57 million Burmese people and are mainly Christian. Their religious facilities are routinely destroyed and people attempting to worship forced to flee. It is always fascinating which group of oppressed people in the world attract attention from left wing groups and those who are concerned about suffering in the world. It appears we humans have selective attention as to whom we will protest about when it comes to people being beaten and oppressed.