Burma Aid Trickles In As People Vote

Supplies are tickling into Myanmar on the 11th day after a devastating cyclone killed upwards of 100,000 people. The UN is frustrated because the military junta which rules the nation refuses to grant visas to relief workers due to its fears foreigners might bring the truth to its people of how their own government has abandoned its citizens. A boat carryng vital supplies sank and all the vital material was lost. Three UN disaster assessment experts have been denied entry as the junta tightens rather than opens the weary nation to outside offers of assistance. French charity Medecins du Monde, said authorities finally on Sunday allowed some aid to get through to people.

It is apparent the military junta wants to present a picture of their efficiency by placing stickers on foreign aid that indicate it is really Burmese. There are even reports that state TV showed pictures of leading generals handing out VCRs and TV sets! One can only assume those in charge of Burma are the mad people of the asylum.