Burma Democracy–Continue Arrest Of Opposition Leader

The only guaranteed certainty regarding politic in Myanmar is that anyone who dares opposing the thugs who currently run that nation will undoubtedly be sent to the nearest prison or kept under detention. Myanmar Foreign Minister Nyan Win, made clear to members of ASEAN that Aung San Suu Kyi, the nation’s most popular figure, will not be released from house detention this year but will remain under close supervision until well into 2009. He insisted representatives from ASEAN had “misunderstood” his statement regarding the imprisonment of a woman who overwhelmingly won the last democratic election held in the country.

In a sign of disgust with the Burmese statement, foreign ministers of ASEAN issues a statement expressing their “deep disappointment” with the decision. Nations of the world now know, Burmese leaders love signing statements about support for democracy under the illusion democracy means sign a statement but never have any intention of ever carrying it out. Burma is ruled by vicious men who harbor scant interest in their nation. They rule to ensure power and enrich themselves of the nation’s wealth.