Burma Junta Claims Everything Is OK In Nation

The Burma mouthpieace, “The New Light” shed some light on what is actually happening inside the country which has been devastated by a cyclone. Unlike the biased western media which goes around taking pictures of devastation and reports that over a 100,000 are dead, the reality according to the military’s mouth piece is its wonderful efficient government has swung into action and cleaned up the mess. In fact, they are even giving people 15 poles and tellling them to build a house and, if they actually need food, there are always those wonderful frogs that can be eaten. After all, eating rice and stuff like that which the world has tried sending will only get people fat.

The New Light blames the western world and the media for after cyclone problems. It insists “these foreign news agencies are issuing such groundless news stories with the intention of tarnishing the image of Myanmar and msleading the international community into believing that cyclone victims do not receive assistance.”

The leaders of Burma were so concerned with the impact of the cyclone they felt it necessary to go through with a referendum on a new constitution as people were suffering without food or water. We all know which comes first, a constitution which ensures continued rule by the thugs who run Myanmar or assistance for those who are suffering.