Burma Junta Still Refuses US Aid

Numerous ships are standing by idly off the coast of Burma because the ruling military junta refuses to allow them to land supplies. American ships are prepared to leave after its commander, Admiral Timothy Keating, tried on fifteen different occasions to convince
the Burmese government to allow him to send in helicopters carrying supplies but he was turned down each time. Thailand’s Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej says the Burma junta is controlled by paranoids who fear the sight of a foreign soldier would alarm the population and make them believe their nation was being invaded.

There are no words anyone can utter about the madness of the group which runs Burma. They truly suffer from paranoia and interpret the presence of any soldier from another country as somehow the first step in a process of revolution that will overthrow their government. Given the junta contols all forms of communication, is not facing any armed rebellion, what exactly is the source of their fear the sight of a foreign soldier would inspire rebellion?

  • Charles Liu

    The Burmese government has the sovereign right to refuse aid from anyone unfriendly to it.

    In contrast, aid and workers from nations friendly to the Burmese have been accepted since 5/7 – China, Thailand, Singapore, Russia, India, Canada…

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    This is a dictatorship. As you recall in the last free election the opposition party won. The military junta took over. The junta does NOT represent the will of the people.