Burma Military Cyclone Of Disaster Blocks Aid

The Myanmar military junta has finally appealed to the world for assistance in coping with the cyclone disaster which may have killed upwards of 60,000 people, but four days after the storm little held has reached the victims due to the regime’s regulations and refusal to issue visas in a speedy manner. It is now estimated upward of a milliion Burmese are without homes and left with literally nothing as they wait desperately for assistance from the outside world. The UN in Geneva said stalling tactics by the military junta are hampering relief efforts. The ruling junta said: “We need aid from both local and foreign sources,” but the UN is facing tremendous difficulties finding out anything due to restrictions imposed by the small group of mentally ill men who run Myanmar.

The UN can’t even do an assessment because of rules and regulations which makes difficult trying to develop a plan for relief. Instead of going to Burma, most UN workers are bunkered down in Bangkok trying to develop plans of action. The UN support system is not sufficiently on the scene of action because the junta still wants to exert control over a situation that is far beyond their capacity to handle.

The Thai Royal Air Force flew in more than $300,000 worth of medical and food aid and a planeload of supplies came from China but no one knows what happened to the supplies. What has God wrought on the people of Burma may well be less than what has the military junta wrought on its own people.