Burma Military Junta Fires On Monks

Thousands of monks and nuns walked the streets of Rangoon and other Burmese cities in defiance of demands by the military junta which runs the country for them to cease their march. Reports indicate soldiers began firing on monks and reportedly killed at least five and wounded over a dozen. Unconfirmed reports indicate more than 300 monks were arrested by soldiers. Over 30,000 people have been marching with the monks and nuns to express their desire for a free Myanmar, but the thugs who run the country do not appear inclined to allow democracy to blossom. The military controls all weapons, and monks control the hearts of ordinary citizens.

Now is the time for nations to insist China use its leverage to force peace and cooperation between the military an citizens of Myanmar. The military junta depends on trade with China and would be impacted by a Chinese embargo. How about the world telling China to exert pressure or face a boycott of the 2008 Olympics!