Burma -One Month After Disaster, Still A Disaster!

A month has passed since a devastating flood swept through Burma causing over 100,00 deaths and leaving at least 1.5 million people without the basic necessities of life. A month has passed since the international community reached out in an effort to assist cyclone survivors, but one month later the xenophoic military junta which rules the nation still displays its fears of allowing foreigners into the country. Sarah Ireland, of Oxfam, the famous organization which brings aid to people who have been impacted by disaster, quietly notes “people need basic relief which is shocking after four weeks.” It was not until this week the International Red Cross was even able to send in several disaster relief experts in order to identify solutions to problems caused by the cyclone.

The Burma military thugs who run the nation have displayed unparalleled indifference to the problems facing their own people. The have, in many cases, given people fifteen poles and told them to build their own homes or blandly remarked if they are hungry they should eat “frogs.” Ships are off the shores of their nation with food and water and clothing but they have been refused entry because the junta fears foreign spies will somehow use the cyclone disaster as a pretext to overthrow the regime. All the world can do at this point in time is sit by idly and wonder.

  • Charles Liu

    No US aid does not mean no aid, or inferior aid.

    Contray to media bias against the Burmese, aid have been delivered and accepted as early as 5/7:


    2nd shipment of aid reached Burma from China on 5/9:


    3rd shipment of aid from China reached Burma on 5/10:


    According to the article, by 5/10 aid from Thailand, India, Russia, Singapore have also reached Burma.

    Why these aid don’t have problem with delay and refusal? Perhaps their non-hostile attitude towards Burma has something to do with it.

    Perhaps in the interest of saving lives, these aid/aid workers don’t have strings attacked to them.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    You still don’t get the point. George Bush’s behavior has nothing to do with Burma. These thugs and goons are allowing people to go without aid. Are you defending such behavior?

  • Charles Liu

    Above citations proves they have taken in a lot of aid and aid workers.

    You don’t get it do you? They don’t want our help, that’s their perogative. We exercised such sovereign rights after Katrina, why can’t they?

    Our government and media is biased because we’re pissed off that they refused our aid.

  • Starsky

    Fred Stopsky, I am totally agree with you.