Burma Remains In Disaster Mode

Six months have passed since a huge cyclone ripped through Burma leaving over a hundred fifty thousand people suffering from lack of fresh water, food, and lodging. The thug military rulers of the nation refused to take immediate action, but finally allowed in some outside aid groups. However, after months of doing the least necessary action possible, thousands of people remain without access to fresh water, and as the dry season hits, many good watering places will dry up. The United Nations pledged about $500 million in aid, but there is not enough evidence this money has been wisely used. Ironically, the cyclone has proven a blessing in disguise for the military rulers of Burma. The world is not as concerned about lack of freedom in the nation since all thoughts are on economic rebuilding.

Aid does get through, but most of those who suffered still lack access to the aid that is coming from outside sources. There may yet be a worse outcome if basic necessities such as water and food doesn’t get through to those who were most impacted by the cyclone.

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