Burma Supports Human Rights–Which Ones? Junta’s?

The thugs who control the nation of Burma once again publicly stated their support for human rights by ratifying the charter of the Association of Southeast Nations(ASEAN) and vowed to uphold its democratic ideals. However, they also made clear upholding human rights does not mean releasing opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi or other dissidents who are imprisoned. Foreign Minister Nyan Win said: “Myanmar’s ratification of the charter demonstrates our strong commitment to embrace the common values and aspirations of the peoples of Asean.” Nyan Win was also among ASEAN nations which set up a high-level human rights body and urged “Myanmar to take bolder steps towards a peaceful transition to democracy in the near future.”

There is no question when it comes to issuing statements and promises concerning democracy, the junta which rules Burma never fails to adhere to the highest standards of democracy. The part they struggle with is implementing words into actions. This simply is another example of rhetoric and there is scant evidence anything concrete will result in terms of according the people of Burma their basic human rights.