Burmese Generals Prepare To Impose Ideas On People

The world has moved on to more important issues since the days when monks walked the streets on Burma protesting the military junta’s attack on the liberties of the people. The world media offered horrific sights of monks being beaten, youth being assaulted, and the people of Myanmar being denied of all human rights in September, 2007, but that was then, and now is now. As the world dealt with its problems, military leaders of Burma were preparing the next stage in their imposition of “law and order” in their nation. The people of Burma on May 10 will be required to participate in a charade known as a referendum on the country’s new constitution, a document written in secret that ensures continuance of military rule in their nation.

Naing Aung Oo, a former student activist, noted, “It’s going to be a yes vote. there are two reasons, one is intimidation and the other reason is the high probability of rigging the vote.” In the last free election, the National League for Democracy(NLD) led by Aung San Suu Kyi won in a landslide. In the upcoming referendum the military junta will win in a landslide.

Under the new constitution, one fourth of all parliament seats are reserved for members of the military, there are restrictions excluding many opposition candidates from running for office and Suu Ky is banned from holding office because she is the widow of a foreigner. The entire process is simply an example o a military coup carried out by constitutional means.