Burmese Torture And Brutality Continue

In a brief announcement, the Burmese military junta confirmed it still retained in prison 468 of the 2,927 who were arrested for protesting against their nation’s dictatorship. Among those being held are monks who led the protest that was crushed by police and military units. Experts were intrigued the announcement did not also contain typical anti-western rhetoric which blames any troubles in Myanmar on outside “elements.” Three members of the 88 generation(in 1988, the military junta crushed a student led protest and killed hundreds) sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon which said: “Thousands of protestors including monks and students, continue to suffer ill treatment and severe torture in detention centres and some have passed away in captivity.” They concluded their letter with the following comment: “this may be the last letter we send you before our arrest and torture.”

There is nothing anyone can add to the last line of the letter. Perhaps, next year a Nobel Peace prize can be awarded to all those who marched in protest against the brutality of the Burmese military junta.