Burning Bulgaria

The Arab Spring began when a young Tunisian man grew disgusted with lack of economic opportunities for those in his nation. Security cameras in Bulgaria captured a man who was so disgusted with corruption in his home town that he doused himself with gasoline and set himself afire. It was the fourth self immolation in the nation during the past several weeks. It is almost twenty five years since the ineffective and corrupt Soviet Union collapsed and now it appears that capitalism is no different in operation. Man have set themselves afire before the president’s residence, in front of public buildings and even before the mayor’s home.

Capitalism claimed to offer a world in which all would benefit from the fruits of individual labor only it failed to grasp that if greed is the fundamental law of life, then many go hungry and a few grow prosperous. We are living at a time when the world needs a new economic theory that recognizes limits must be set upon the God of Greed.