Burp Can Lead To Death In Iran!

The government of Iran is offering an excellent example for those in the Republican party of the United States of America who are tired of shiftless lazy people who refuse to beg on the streets since they prefer government handouts of OUR money! Two men were arrested for consuming alcohol. After the second arrest they were  each given 160 lashes but they persisted. So, the Iranian government decided to do what every Republican candidate for president wants done with the lazy–execute the bums!

“Two people who committed the offense of consuming alcohol for the third time have been sentenced to be executed.” Christians, Armenians and Jews are allowed to drink alcohol, but if you convert then it is death for leaving the religion.

We Americans can learn from Iran:

1.  If you get food stamps, then it is only fair to give you 50 lashes after the third taking money from the government.

2. If you are gay, then it is only fair that you must put on a sad face during the day when out in public. No sad face,50 lashes.

3. Anyone seeking public office who was born in Kenya and is a Muslim will be executed on Fox News during the 6:00 o’clock show.